Cheap Hotels in Salt Lake City Guide – A Look at Downtown Hotels, Ski Resorts, and Other Areas

As the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City is a highly populated city that offers unique dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities for visitors. Whether you plan to travel for business or fun, there are plenty of activities you might want to fit into your itinerary. If you don’t have much money to spend on accommodation, just take a bit of time to research cheap hotels in Salt Lake City.

There are a variety of hotels downtown and plenty of lodges at mountain resorts surrounding the city. Many hotels – including cheap ones like Super 8 and Candlewood Suites – offer free roundtrip airport shuttles for guests. There is also an extensive public transportation system set up by the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). During winter months, the UTA makes it easy for guests to make it safely to ski resorts. No matter where you want to stay, it shouldn’t be difficult to get to and from your hotel.

While downtown SLC is the best place to begin your search, there are other areas you might be interested in checking out as well, including Sugar House Park and Salt Lake Mountain. Sugar House Park is home to many must-see landmarks, such as the Utah State Capitol, Salt Palace, Eccles Stadium, Temple Square, Hogle Zoo, the Conference Center, etc… There are approximately 200 hotels in this area for you to look into.

There are many hotels in the Salt Lake Mountain area as well, including cozy mountain resorts. These are worth checking out if you plan to do any skiing. Sometimes you can find deals on ski vacation packages in areas like Alta, Brighton, Solitude Mountain, and Snowbird.

Where Else to Look for Cheap Hotels in Salt Lake City

Another area to look into is Park City (about 30 minutes away from downtown) – especially if you want to attend the Sundance Film Festival. If you do not, then you might want to wait another time to go, as it’s hard to find cheap hotels in Salt Lake City in January when 45,000+ other people are visiting the area for the Festival, in addition to the tourists flocking the ski resorts.

A good time to visit is in September and October, when the kids are still in school and the skiers have not arrived yet. Sometimes bargains can be found during springtime, even though the ground is soggy from the melted snow and higher levels of precipitation.

While notorious for all of its landmarks and outdoor activities, the city also offers great dining and shopping experiences. If this is what you’re after, keep the Gateway in mind when researching cheap hotels in Salt Lake City. Located in the downtown area, this 650,000-square foot plaza has over 100 shops and restaurants for you to explore.

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Villas Trump Hotels

There are those who think nothing of booking into a hotel wherever they go because that’s all they think of. They have never known anything else, and so – sadly – they miss out on the most convenient and affordable vacation accommodations available. But for those people in the know, there is no place like home…and there is no reason not to sleep in a real home while away from your own.

Let’s take a look at six great reasons why|are happy to provide a list of 6 reasons|have innumerated six compelling reasons why[/spin] a vacation villa should be your first choice for accommodation wherever you travel

1. If you travel with an entourage – friends, family, pets – a vacation villa rental allows you room for everyone. In fact, there might even be a room for each of you. No more fighting over who gets the pillow. Or who gets the bed. Or who sleeps on the floor with Rover. Everyone gets the bed! Everyone gets a room.

2. In fairness, a villa rental is not very economical if you travel alone. It does cost more than a hotel room. But if you travel in packs, get ready to howl at the savings. Not only can a group of 4-6 people fit comfortably into even the smallest rental villa, but it will often cost less per person than forking out for a couple hotel rooms for the week.

3. But the savings don’t end there. Have you ever calculated the cost of eating at restaurants. There is usually at least one meal for four that weighs in around $100 when tip and tax is added in. Plus breakfast. Plus lunch. Plus snacks. (Yeah, you get hungry between meals, too.) Well, it all adds up, doesn’t it? Or a you can spend more reasonable $50 a day on groceries made to your own taste, where you know they are made nutritious, where you know you won’t get food poisoning and where you can relax in privacy.

4. I said “privacy”, not “piracy”. Yes, there is much more privacy in a villa rental than in a tiny hotel room squished between two other rooms, where people knock on the door and sing in the hall, where the maid comes in and you just don’t know where to hide your purse or other valuables. A vacation villa is as private as your house.

5. The flip side of privacy is freedom.Queue the national anthem. Raise a cheer – Yay, freedom. Now that is what a vacation is all about. There is nobody blaring music until 3:00 am…unless you want there to be. Go ahead, you won’t be disturbing anybody. Just make sure the windows are all shut and play the TV, the stereo, the video games. It’s your vacation; have some fun.

6. Yes, I did say stereo and I did say TV and I did say video games, and I might have mentioned the private pool and maybe even a pool table. No hotel room comes with as many amenities as the typical vacation rental. That fight over who gets to use the hotel room bathroom last summer? The one that left you with a permanent limp? Let bygones be bygones – this year you can just use the other bathroom in your much-better-equipped vacation villa.

Pocket the savings…or re-invest them at another week of relaxation in your villa getaway. Ah, the pure luxury of a villa rental makes a hotel look downright… barbaric.

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